Decorama is our online store dedicated to those who love playing around with home interiors, like tackling projects around the home (large or small), or just need to replace outdated products.

My name is Mike, and together with my wife, Diane, we have undertaken many home transformations, from basic upgrades to full renovations. We have the hands-on experience to understand the issues, what can be done cheaply on your own and what needs some professional input.

For home décor ideas, we searched the Internet (you should see my Pinterest page), engaged with interior designers, checked out other websites, and found that there was a need for some simple, down-to-earth advice on what to do and where to go.

As a designer myself, I have been involved in many major refurbishment projects over the years and I realized a long time ago that the Devil is in the detail. Having the bigger picture in mind, you have to drill down to the smallest details to make it all work. This is where Diane comes in. Diane has an eye for detail, what works well together, what doesn’t.

We have selected products with the emphasis on quality. We know what it is like to buy something in a store, take it home, try it out and then find the thing packs up after a week. The same applies online, except it is far more difficult to exchange goods or get your money back. That’s why we decided to offer a no quibble returns policy, or full refund if you’re not satisfied. With this aim in mind, we don’t want to be offering a refund to every customer who comes along. No, we want to get it right first time!

My blog page is where I will be discussing what projects you can do on your own and what may need a little help. I will be giving practical advice and tips on how the tradesmen do things. As more products come in, I will be describing the pros and cons (not so many cons though, otherwise they are out!), how best to use them and what works well together.