Baby Knows Best

Baby Knows Best

Veda introduced the brand Baby Knows Best in August 2018 in order to bring together a range of baby care products for the busy parent. We initially split the categories into three distinct markets – Premature Babies, Early Days (up to 6 months) and Baby Led Weaning – but of course, many of the products are suitable for all three.

We wanted to look at things from the baby’s perspective. If a baby could choose, what would he or she go for? For this purpose, we chose Leo as our model baby. Leo was born around the same time that Baby Knows Best was launched, so it is fitting that we see him develop as the brand develops.

We thought Leo would like products that are environmentally friendly and free of potentially harmful chemicals such as BPA, so we did the research and located products to satisfy this need.

Back in April 2018, we launched a versatile nappy changing bag, which can be used as a backpack, a handbag, or simply attach to your buggy. These were sold on Amazon and they were very popular, but they were made in China, so following the outbreak of COVID-19, we decided to drop all Chinese products and sell only items made in the USA and Europe.

This decision proved costly, as the lockdowns and restrictions on movement of goods made it difficult to dropship as we didn’t know if orders could be fulfilled. So in April 2020 we reluctantly closed the store to concentrate on other things.