About Us

Veda is not an acronym. It doesn’t stand for anything. It is a word, pronounced vayda, and it means knowledge. When I set up Veda in February 2000, that was basically what I was selling. My knowledge.

Things have moved on since then and Veda is now established as a platform for promoting and selling arts and crafts from across the world. I like to pick out artists and writers that I have met and know personally. Why? Because that is what makes life so interesting.

My name is Mike O’Toole and I worked as an Architectural Technologist for many years before giving it up to become a writer, photographer, DIY man and just about anything else that helps keep the wolves at bay. I often get asked if I am retired now and my usual answer is “I don’t know.” Well I don’t. What is retirement? The definition I once read says it is the action of leaving one’s job and ceasing to work. It can also apply to the withdrawal of a jury from the courtroom to consider their verdict. Neither of these are strictly true in my case, although I did quit my job in 2017 and haven’t had another job since.

My wife, Diane, is a writer too. In fact she is a published author, having had two books published to date. I helped with the process on the editing side and carrying out research, rather like Dan Brown’s wife does for him. It is something I enjoy and I know many authors hate, which is why I offer my services to other writers out there. I even published a couple of books on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), using Create Space for the hard copies.

Together, Diane and I have traveled far and wide. We have met some amazing people and some idiots along the way. Sometimes we have been Idiots Abroad ourselves. Now I have a bit more time on my hands, I intend to write about those people and our experiences, so if you know me, watch out! You might find yourself in one of my Blogs.

I have now migrated my two online stores to this site, Decorama and Baby Knows Best. These now sit alongside the artwork of Vagelis and the books by Diane O’Toole.